Tower In Deep Haven

  1. Boundary Wall – The wall is made up of red bricks, four rows thick and 20’ higher than street level. (Inside, the garden is 10’ lower than the street.)  Occasional discharges of blue-white light can be seen from random points on the wall.  A low humming noise can be heard interrupted by random buzzing. (The magical field operates from 6’ above street level.)  Contact with the wall causes 3d6 electrical damage (save vs. Breath Weapon for half).
  2. Eastern Entrance – Wooden door set into the boundary wall.  Painted on the door are the words “User Other Door.”  Any attempt to force the door open causes 3d6 electrical damage (save vs. Breath Weapon for half).  Behind the door, steps lead down into the sunken garden, 10’ lower than the street outside.
  3. Western Entrance – The western portal has a large brass knocker in the shape of a bull’s head, with a ring passing through the bull’s nose.  The knocker can be programmed to respond to visitors.  Allowing entrance, speaking a phrase at someone’s approach and or use of the knocker. The bull’s mouth can open and breath a one of fire 6’ long by 10’ wide that does 1d8 fire damage (save vs. Breath Weapon for half).  Needs 5 minutes to recharge after breath magic is used.  The door lead onto a hort flight of stairs that go 10’ down into the sunken garden.
  4. The Garden Path – The pebble path wends its way through the landscaped garden.  The pebbles are shiny and round by otherwise worthless.  They do make a loud crunching noise when walked on.
  5. The Gardener’s Hut – This red brick shed has a trellis affixed to the eastern wall, on which a number of flowering climbers grow.
  6. Tool Shed – Rakes, Forks, Spades, Hoe, Pruning knives, and Shears hang neatly on pegs about the walls. 
  7. Potting Shed – This open shed holds normal clay flower pots in sizes ranging from 2” to 18” diameter.
  8. Compost Heap – Heap of rotting material.
  9. Vegetable Garden – The soil has been tilled and ordered into neat vegetable plots.

    1. Scarecrows (5) – INT non, AC 6, MV 6, HD 5, THAC0 15, #AT 1 plus gaze, Dmg 1d6 plus charm, SA charm by sight or touch, SZ M, ML 14, XP 1400, MC5 Those charmed stand frozen in horrified fascination and are subject to automatic attacks each round unless they make saving throws vs. spells.  The charm lasts until the scarecrow responsible is killed or leaves the area for at least one turn.
  10. Bee Hives –

    1. Cifal INT non, AC 6, MV 6, HD 10, hp 44, THAC0 11, #AT 1, Dmg 1d12, SD edged weapons do 1 hp damage, SZ M, ML 18, XP 2000, FF/19.
  11. Water Garden

    1. Water Weirds (3) INT very, AL CE, AC 4, MV 12, HD 3+3, hp 18, 17, 10, THAC0 15, #AT nil, Dmg nil, SA attack as 6 HD monster, drown opponent (save vs. paralysis when first struck or be pulled into the pool. Save each subsequent round or drown), SD edged weapons do 1 hp damage, half/no damage from fire, reforms two rounds after being reduced to 0 hp, SZ L, ML 13, XP 420, MC2
  12. Sculpture Garden – A line of statuesque figures set on stubby pedestals.

    1. Gargoyles (6) INT low, AC 5, MV 9 fly 15 ©, HD 4+4, THAC0 17, #AT 4, Dmg 1d3/1d3/1d6/1d4, SD +1 or better weapon to hit, SZ M, ML 11, XP 650, MC2.
  13. Fountain – A granite fountain spouts water in this secluded corner of the garden.
  14. Flower Garden – This wide yard has been surfaced with a decorative pebble walk that leads west into the garden.  Here bees buzz around the colorful flower beds.  The central bed to the southeast holds a large jumble of bounders.

    1. Bowler INT semi, AC 4, MV 6 (+1 per round dup to 15), HP 5, THAC0 20, #AT 1, Dmg 5, SZ M, ML 10, XP 120, MM2/21.
  15. Signpost – A wooden signpost here points northwest and reads “Trade Entrance.”
  16. Main Entrance – Ornately decorated, wizard-locked entrance.  A bellpush rings a bell in the servants’ hall (area 33).
  17. Entry Hall – The walls of this wide hall are hung with tapestries of pastoral scenes. The total weight of the hangings is two tons and their combined value reaches 5,000 GP.  A door is concealed behind the tapestries on the northwest wall.  Stairs sweep upward to the floor above (area 36).  A pair of double doors decorated with grotesque carvings stand closed in the southwest wall. Anyone approaching is 50% likely to catch sight of one of the carved figures winking at them.  Four brass chandeliers hang 15’ above.  The chandelier’s fittings resemble brass snakes.  They snakes animate to attack unwanted guests.

    1. Brass Snakes (24) INT non, AC 1, MV 12, HD 1, hp 8, THAC0 20, #AT 1, Dmg 1d3, SD immune to mind-affecting spells, SZ S, ML 20, XP 35.
  18. Trade Entrance – A bellpush is fitted by this entrance.  This entrance is fitted with an inset flap, hinged at the top, that allows the displacer beast to enter and leave at will.
  19. The Ballroom – This huge ballroom has a fine waxed wood floor.  If four or more people enter the room, the 12 magical crystal chandeliers illuminate the room and the bandstand to the southwest. 
  20. Cloakroom
  21. Ladies Restoom
  22. Smoking Room

    1. Fire Snake INT semi, AC 6, MV 4, HD 2, hp 15, THAC0 16, #AT 1, Dmg 1d4, SA paralyzation by bite (save vs. poison or fall rigit for 2d4 turns), SD immune to fire, SZ S, ML 11, XP 120, MC2 (Salamander)
  23. Gentlemen’s Restoom
  24. Broom Cupboard –
  25. Storage –
  26. Music Storage –
  27. Storage –
  28. The Bar –
  29. Emergency Escape Tunnel –
  30. Wine Cellar –
  31. Kitchen –
  32. Pantry –
  33. Servants’ Hall –
  34. Butler’s Room ­–
  35. Servants’ Rooms –
  36. The Library – This room is the main library of the tower, and as such has defenses against intruders who might like to steal the valuable books.

    1. Double Doors – The stairs from the ground floor climb to a pair of doors with brass handless…..
    2. Bookshelves – The room is filled with bookshelves.
    3. Stairway up – This stairway, crowded at its foot by bookshelves, rises 50’ to the level above.
    4. Central Area –
  37. Laborium –
  38. Bedchamber –

    1. Gargoyles (8) – INT low, AC 5, MV 9 fly 15 ©, HD 4+4, THAC0 17, #AT 4, Dmg 1d3/1d3/1d6/1d4, SD +1 or better weapon to hit, SZ M, ML 11, XP 650, MC2.

Tower In Deep Haven

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